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Deli Bal, or “mad honey”, in its raw, pure form is a rare treasure. It’s widely regarded, throughout the regions where it’s collected as a potent medicine, used to treat a host of conditions including hypertension, stomach ailments, anxiety, and migraines.  Deli Bal is proud to be the first and only distributor of this fascinating, medicinal honey to all parts of the globe.


Our beekeepers are local artisans dedicated to sustainably maintaining the ancient Deli Bal traditions, and we work closely with them to protect their livelihoods and honor their traditional way of life.


We work hard to ensure the safety and efficacy of our honey by holding ourselves and our beekeepers to strict quality control standards. We keep our supply chains short by dealing directly with small, local beekeepers in the regions of Turkey where the most potent Deli Bal is collected.


All Deli Bal honey is raw, straight from the hive. We don’t heat-treat or use micro-filters which rob the honey of its potent, health-promoting compounds.


Our beekeepers use time-honored methods, and never feed sugar solutions or supplements to their bees. We are committed to bringing customers the purest, most natural mad honey available. When you purchase from us you can be certain you’re getting the genuine article.

mad honey deli bal
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