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Mad Honey, or “Deli Bal” in the original Turkish, has been used in traditional medicine for millennia. It was widely known throughout the ancient world but has largely been forgotten until now. Deli Bal has dedicated itself to bringing this rare treasure back to the world.


Not only is Deli Bal useful for treating a number of conditions, including anxiety, stress, general pain, hypertension, stomach ailments, and migraines, it is renown for its stimulant properties.


A small amount will produce a mild, calming, euphoric sensation, which increases overall feelings of contentedness and relaxation. Villagers in the Black Sea regions of Turkey, where Deli Bal is collected have eaten Mad Honey for thousands of years.


Now, for the first time in many cases, you can enjoy the health benefits of Turkish Mad Honey yourself. Deli Bal is the first company to distribute certified, genuine, high-potency Mad Honey, worldwide. We work directly with local beekeepers in the Black Sea region to collect the highest-quality Deli Bal available.


We’ve set strict quality controls. Our honey comes straight from the hive, with no processing, so you get the purest Mad Honey possible. And we lab test to assure consistent potency.


We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Check our website for details. With Deli Bal, you can order confidently, knowing you’ll receive the finest, purest, Mad Honey available.

Mad Honey 8.8 oz - 250g Turkish Deli Bal

SKU: MF101
  • Mad Honey

    Weight: 250g

    Colour:  Amber red

    Taste: Smooth rich creamy honey flavour, with a slight hint of bitterness

    Serving Size: 1 Tbsp (14 gr)

    Flower: Rhododendron Ponticum

    Location: Black Sea Turkey

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